The United States Can’t Do Math, Read, Or Think Very Well

Homemade heroin first developed in Russia may have come to the United States

Secretary of State, with six component working groups, explained below. In addition to work in these six areas, the Comprehensive Partnership has resulted in a significant increase in cooperation across a wide range of issues, including health, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. The Democracy and Civil Society Working Group negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) that will enhance cooperation in third countries on issues such as democratic institution building, good governance, and disaster preparedness. In October 2013, Indonesia will become the lead Chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Steering Committee.We are supporting implementation of Indonesias OGP National Action Plan, expansion of the OGP, and will work to assist Burma in becoming eligible for OGP by 2016. The Working Groups activities also have included interfaith dialogue; youth engagement; exchanges on bureaucratic reform, media, rule of law, parliamentary and electoral processes; womens economic and political empowerment; and formal consultations with civil society. Under the Education Working Group, USAIDs five-year $165 million Higher Education Partnership will expand opportunities for bilateral study and research exchanges, strengthen university partnerships, and enhance the quality of education. The Fulbright program is among the largest in the world and the Peace Corps return in 2010,after a 45-year hiatus, is a sign of our long-term commitment to Indonesias education system and people-to-people ties. Under USAIDsfive-year,$83 million PRIORITAS program, the United States is also working to strengthen basic education at the early grade levels. The Security Working Groupis advancing Indonesias defense modernization efforts in order to enhance Indonesias role in regional and global security. These efforts include the transfer of Excess Defense Article (EDA) F-16s, and the initiation of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases for Maverick missiles and other essential equipment to meet Indonesian defense requirements. In August, Indonesia agreed to purchase Apache helicopters worth $720 million. The United States and Indonesia also initiated a Defense Planning Dialogue to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation, exchange best practices for organizing and managing the defense sector, and support Indonesian-led reform efforts. The Environment and Climate Working Group has made progress in institutionalizing Indonesias Climate Change Center to ensure the core role of science in environmental policymaking.

Japan and Finland are powerhouse nations , coming in first and second respectively in all three areas. The U.S., however, scores below average on each of the three assessments and is near the bottom for math skills. I guess I was overly optimistic in hoping that middle of the road was what I would read as I went through the study. United States literacy rankings In literacy, the U.S. ranked 16th out of the 23 countries. A level-1 reader can get a single piece of information out of a simple text. A level-4 or 5 reader can pick multiple pieces of information out of lengthy or competing texts, and evaluate subtle arguments. Over 20 percent of people scored at level 4 or 5 in Finland and Japan. The United States managed only half that number. When it comes to math, it gets even scarier. The United States ranked higher than only Italy and Spain, and had the participants in the study not interrupted the test for a siesta it could have been worse. Only 9 percent of Americans who participated in the study were in the top two levels, and the U.S. had one of the largest proportions of those failing to make it to level one, coping with very basic, familiar equations and situations.

United States-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership

The consequences of sustained use are gruesome evidence of the desperation of impoverished addicts. So far, use of krokodil seems largely confined to Russia and other former Soviet republics. Besides an apparent case in Massachusetts in April, addicts in the United States have not taken to krokodil so far. Scientists know very little about the homemade drug. Its psychoactive agent, desomorphine, was first synthesized in the United States in 1932 in the hope of finding a substitute for morphine that would be less nauseous and less addictive. But desomorphine is eight to 10 times as potent as morphine, and its effects come and go more quickly, which may be why the new drug proved even more addictive than the one it was intended to replace. The body metabolizes desomorphine quickly, which makes it difficult for doctors to know for sure whether someone has used krokodil. While the recent cases in Arizona are officially unconfirmed, the patients told physicians that they had taken the drug, according to a doctor at the Banner Poison Control and Drug Information Center in Phoenix. Desomorphine, however, is not why krokodil is so dangerous. About 10 years ago, Russians apparently discovered how to synthesize desomorphine at home using commercially available ingredients including red phosphorus, which they reportedly glean from the sides of matchboxes, and codeine, which until last year was available over the counter in Russia. The resulting substance contains several caustic byproducts. When you use the krokodil . . .

Why Does United States Excel at Presidents Cups but Struggle at Ryder Cups?

Recent struggles certainly aren’t limited to Woods and Mickelson, but when the top Yanks tank it only intensifies the pressure on the rest of the lineup. More often than not, that has proved too much to overcome against the Europeans. Additionally, the Ryder Cup format often works against the United States strong depth, which has been a major advantage against the Internationals in the past several Presidents Cups. Andy Lyons/Getty Images Only eight of the 12 golfers play in each foursomes and four-ball Ryder Cup session, allowing the European captain to strategically sit multiple players who might be struggling or lack success in one particular format or another. Its much tougher, however, for the International captain to hide players in the Presidents Cup as all 12 golfers compete in the first two sessions and only two from each side sit in both the third and fourth. Not only does that format expose the Internationals’ lack of depth, it forces golfers to play more matches under intense pressure, which can take a toll as the competition wears on. Following the first two days at Muirfield, the United States led by only one point . Yet by the time the fourth session was complete early Sunday morning, the Internationals trailed by six and the competition was essentially over even before the singles began. If Nick Price could’ve sat Sterne and Grace, how different would #PresCup have been? They went 0-8. Overhaul needed. Robert Lusetich (@RobertLusetich) October 7, 2013 While no Ryder Cup format change is forthcoming, there is reason to be optimistic for the 2014 competition and beyond. An emerging crop of talented match play golfers such as Bradley, Jason Dufner, Bill Haas and Webb Simpson made a positive impact on this years U.S. team, and those golfers will likely be key members of Watsons 2014 squad.