Rza On His New Movies And Recording With Paul Banks

It may take us a year to finish this album. That’s where my heart is at musically. Is there anything planned for Wu-Tang beyond the remaining reunion shows this year? I cant really speak on it. [The booking agency] will let me know. They know my schedule. Anything for Wu-Tang Im always happy to do. Wu-Tang is forever. How did you feel about Drakes song Wu-Tang Forever? I appreciate it. He sent me song because they couldn’t clear the sample.

Today’s Horror Movies and Thrillers: Why They’re Scary

Sure, todays horror genre still includes terrifying slasher films or ghost stories and possessions, but the psychological fears are stronger than ever. Todays scary movies cover those situations where you have no control the end of the world scenarios or the medical emergencies you can do nothing about. These films instill fear because all of these situations could be possible. End of the World Disasters The world didnt end in 2012 , but end of the world movies arent going anywhere. From the recent comedies This Is The End and The Worlds End to intense drama-thrillers like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow and Melancholia, the popularity of the end-of-the-world genre continues to rise. Who can say when, if, or how the world as we know it will end? Thats what makes these movies so thrilling and worrisome possible situations like these could happen, but will anything like this happen in our lifetimes? These films capture the audiences fear of the unknown. The premises are easily relatable, and this justifies the moviegoers realistic fear. The Zombie Apocalypse Zombies are everywhere. From AMCs hugely popular The Walking Dead to Brad Pitts World War Z, we cant get over our fear of a zombie takeover. The zombie genre has a long history , but todays zombie features strike fear in moviegoers because of how theyre presented. An infection that were all carrying, and the guarantee of turning when you die, whether youre bitten or not?